massage treatment

Massage for Treatment

Massage for Treatment is appropriate for clients who are looking to address a particular issue or set of issues. After an initial assessment, your therapist will recommend a treatment plan unique to your concerns that pairs you with the therapist or therapists who are most likely to be helpful in resolving the specific issues and outcomes that are outlined in this first visit. We encourage our clients to participate fully in the process by making their aims and intentions for seeking treatment as clear as possible so that we can provide the best possible solution to their problem, even when that doesn’t involve us. Most clients in our clinic are treated by a collaborative team of Generalist, Resident, and Advanced Therapists based on their needs and aims, with respect to their resources and ability to participate in the process.

Massage for Relaxation

All Ke Kino therapists are well-trained and experienced in Swedish Massage, and most Ke Kino therapists also have training in a variety of other modalities that aid in producing a deeply relaxing state while also providing valuable therapeutic benefits.  Massage for relaxation comprises a general full-body massage treatment appropriate for clients who do not have specific problem areas that they wish to be addressed.

massage treatment

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