Ke Kino therapists are proud to offer a wide variety of techniques for addressing client concerns. If you are wanting or have been referred to experience a particular technique, please let your therapist or the front desk know.

  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Cupping
  • Emotional Blockage Release
  • Guided Meditation and Bodywork
  • Hypnosis Therapy and Bodywork
  • Infant Massage for Caregivers
  • Lymph Articulation Fluid Release
  • Lymph Drainage Therapy
  • LymphStar Lymphatic Enhancement Technique (LET)
  • Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)
  • Myofascial Release and Unwinding
  • Orthopedic Massage
  • Polarity
  • Reiki
  • Resuscitation Breathwork
  • SomatoEmotional Release Therapy
  • Swedish Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Visceral Manipulation
  • Posture Correction
  • Finding Zero

In addition to Massage for Relaxation that incorporates a wide variety of techniques, we have some specific areas of advanced focus. When the body experiences a trauma – an accident or injury, surgery, birth, and more – there is an interruption to the normal function of the body resulting in retained biological frustration. That biological frustration manifests itself as pain or poor functioning. Ke Kino’s areas of advanced therapy address specific needs as a result of trauma, allowing the body to properly function again.


  • Bodywork for Babies
  • C-Section Recovery Center
  • Surgery Care
  • Muscle Energy Technique
  • Finding Zero

Bodywork for Babies

Ke Kino’s Bodywork for Babies is designed with a specific approach to treat babies. Often, babies, and especially newborns, aren’t quite as peaceful as we anticipate. This can be caused by a number of things, including alignment challenges from birth trauma, a planned or unplanned C-section, tongue and lip ties, feeding challenges, bonding struggles and expected restrictions from being in utero. Led by John James and including collaboration with Ke Kino advanced therapists who have years of experience, Bodywork for Babies has a soft touch for the littlest among us, restoring health to both baby and mother.

What makes Bodywork for Babies unique?

There are three characteristics of our work ethics that provide our patients – including baby, mother, father, and often the entire family dynamic – with uncommon results.

  1. Mom is Included – Bodywork for Babies leads treatment by addressing the mother’s need for bodywork as well, in fact, it is a requirement. There is a deep connection between the mother and baby, and in fact, for the first few months out of the womb, the baby still doesn’t understand that there is a physical separation between mother and baby. The results are dramatically different when the needs of both are being met.
  1. Collaborative Approach – Ke Kino includes a variety of therapists available for Bodywork for Babies, working collaboratively with our patients. There is no strict hierarchy, we simply ensure the best fit for specific challenges. It’s not uncommon for a baby to receive work from more than 75 years of experience collectively. In fact, Ke Kino houses more than 125 years of experience between our therapists.
  1. Multiple Disciplines – Bodywork for Babies utilizes multiple disciplines, including cranial sacral therapy, myofascial release, lymph drainage techniques, and a myriad of different ways of unwinding and rebirthing. Not a one-size-fits-all solution, Bodywork for Babies customizes treatment based on the needs of the patient.


Areas of Focus


Most parents, but specifically mothers, create a birth plan, or at least have some sort of idea of what they envision for birth. However, births rarely go 100% as planned. Re-birthing is based on the belief that there was a part of the birth that moved too fast, too slow, or was completely absent, causing the baby to miss a physical release that they would have had otherwise. Often, this means that the baby retains biological frustration.

A re-birth helps to complete an incomplete biological process. When both mother and baby were expecting to go through a process that didn’t happen, or didn’t happen in the right way, re-birthing corrects this.

Tongue & Lip Tie

Often connected with the MTHFR gene, some babies are born with a tongue and/or lip tie. This occurs when an unusually short, thick or tight band of tissue, the lingual frenulum, tethers the bottom of the tongue’s tip to the floor of the mouth. When a tongue tie is present, a lip tie is often present as well. Similar to a tongue tie, a lip tie occurs when a tight labial frenulum keeps the upper lip tethered to the gum line. Tongue and lip ties can cause challenges with feeding and digestion, create unnecessary spaces when teeth grow in, and can also lead to speech issues.

Tongue and lip ties generally need to be released, but there’s a distinction between the physical release, meaning the actual cut, such as with a laser, and actually creating more mobility through body work so that the facia line truly releases. Without a true release, there will be more work to be done in the future.

Bodywork for Babies works with our tongue and lip tie patients to determine the best form of treatment. We provide immediate relief and support, and sometimes it is determined that the ties do not require an actual cut. When a cut is required to complete the release, we work with patients up through the physical release, sometimes accompanying them to the procedure for treatment, to ensure the best results possible.

VBAC Support

After experiencing a C-section, many women desire to have a Vaginal Birth After Caesarian (VBAC). Due to the physical trauma associated with a C-section, including the surgery itself, scar tissue and more, bodywork is a necessary part of the healing process so that a vaginal delivery can take place.

Ke Kino bodywork releases scar tissue both at the surgical site as well as throughout the abdomen, releases the “stickiness” that can occur from exposure to oxygen during the C-section, and addresses the visceral system. In addition to bodywork, Ke Kino has a network of VBAC friendly birthing professionals, and works to ensure mom has the best support for a successful VBAC.

Mother/Child Bond

Research suggests that it takes months for baby to have the realization that he/she is not in the same body as mom after birth. There is a very strong physical and emotional connection between mom and baby, however, when a birthing process experiences a detour and birthing trauma occurs, the quality of that bond can be diminished. It is not for lack of desire, but rather, due to physical trauma.

Ke Kino works with both mom and baby to trigger the connection. This is typically done through a re-birth. Bodywork addresses the trauma and works to correct it so that the mother/child bond is restored.

Infant Massage

Ke Kino offers infant massage classes for caregivers. Please contact us if you would like to find out when the next infant massage class is available, or if you would like to schedule a private session.



Pre- & Post- Surgery Care

Surgery, while often necessary, is difficult for the body to metabolize. The body doesn’t have a category for surgery. It simply views events or functions as safe or unsafe, untraumatized or traumatized.

Ke Kino therapists address healing the body before and after surgery has occurred. This includes visceral manipulation, fascia work, restoration of lymphatic flow, craniosacral therapy, scar tissue release, breathing adjustments, and more. Bodywork in advance of surgery yields a more successful surgery and faster recovery


Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

Many of us experience pain due to muscles stuck in a compensatory pattern due to the repetitive nature of most people’s work, daily life, poor posture and lack of exercise. This creates a breakdown in the neurological circuit of proprioceptors producing an ‘on’ or hypertonic muscle, which over time can create compensation within the delicate balance of the neuromuscular system.  MET (muscle energy technique) is a system of techniques that can activate, deactivate or re-educate muscles, muscle fibers or groups of muscles to bring balance back to the neuromuscular system.


Finding Zero

Managing stress is a challenge for many. Typically, stress is tracked based on our average daily stress level, but with a new approach, Ke Kino’s goal is to reach a state of calm, or zero.

Finding Zero uses a combination of bodywork with meditation and prayer to manage stress in an accelerated way.

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